Identity creation for Sumbermate product and brand Slumbermate sleeping system is a sleeping bag featuring a duvet made with a technically advanced material that keeps you very warm but is extremely thin. It combines the comfort of a duvet with the security, compactability and portability of a sleeping bag. Originally designed to be used on sailing boats (hence the name slumbermate — a 'mate' is a ship/yacht worker, it's also slang for friend) it can really be used anywhere: music festivals, slumber parties, caravans or just as an alternative to a sleeping bag. Sumbermate aims at making sleeping on-the-go a better experience. Slumbermate is here for the adventurous, urban, traveler who likes the creature comforts of home.

color pallette
typography (Bryant bold)
symbols convey main features of the product
foam mat
sweatshirt / t-shirts
business card
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